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10 Kilo Watt Solar System Retails For Less Than $8,000 In Adelaide

Our 3 Klilo Watt solar system was installed in June 2012 at a cost of $5,300. It is a high quality system and after a lot of research i specified the system should comprise:

  1. Suntech solar panels – 250 watt panels were installed (STP 250S). These panels represented good value back in 2012 and have a reputation for solid performance and good customer support and warranty support should it be required. Suntech heralded from research done at U.N.S.W. school of renewable energy so has at least a modicum of Australian content in them – even if its only the brainpower that went into their development
  2. An SMA inverter. SMA have captured the lions share of the Australian solar inverter market – at least for the ‘quality end’ of the market
  3. SRC Railing. railing refers to the aluminium structure that is bolted to the roof and onto which the solar panels are then installed. SRC is an Adelaide based solar rail manufacturer – not the largest but one of the best in terms of the climate and wind performance of their products. I didnt want my solar panels blowing off the roof!!!!

So, this quality system cost $5,300. I saw this week that 2 Adelaide solar companies are claiming to offer a 10 Kilo watt solar system, installed for $7,960. This is quite astounding. I did some digging and it seems that they are using ET Solar panels which have a reasonably good reputation and a Samil solar inverter. I do not have a lot of knowledge with Samil but from reading other solar forums they appear to have been represented in Australia since 2009 and claim to have a reasonable market share for domestic solar systems.

How Low Can Solar System Prices Get?

It is hard to see how much lower solar pricing can go. The market is fearing the worse from the current R.E.T. review and if the existing solar incentives are removed then the market could really collapse. Less demand for solar means further price competition (presumably), so we watch with interest.

Phil Paul  14 August 2014