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Canberra and The A.C.T. Set To Reach 90 Percent Renewable Energy Production In 2020

A.C.T. Government Kicks Goals With Solar Power And Renewables

The A.C.T. Government has to be applauded in their efforts to champion renewable energy and really kick some big goals. By 2020 an amazing 90 percent of the A.C.T.’s energy will be supplied wholly by renewable energy sources including:

  1. Small Scale Renewable Energy. This includes residential roof top solar (the solar panels systems we see everywhere on homes in Canberra), small wind generation units – typically 10 Kilowatts or less and a small number of water turbine units, typically installed in small farm holdings
  2. Large Scale Renewable Energy. These include solar farms like the planned 50 megawatt solar farm¬†that will be installed in the A.C.T. and utilise over 30,000 individual solar panels. Community solar programs are classified as ‘large scale’ as they have a potential to create solar installations in the 20 to 30 megawatt size – a fantastic achievement in that it ‘pools’ individuals resources into substantial companies that have the financial capacity to make significant solar power investments that would otherwise be the realm of larger corporate investors. Large scale wind farms in the A.C.T. have the capacity to generate 25 percent of the renewables target
  3. Renewable energy blog - July 2014

Strong Community Support For Solar Power In Canberra

A.C.T. solar installers have seen the growth of residential solar panels systems in Canberra increase to a point where one in nine houses now has a solar system installed on their roof. The now beats South Australia in terms of the percentage of home owners who have chosen to have solar systems installed.

Federal Government Does Not Reflect Community Sentiment On Renewable Energy

It is my firm belief that the Liberal National coalition Government is now out of step with the rest of Australia as far as carbon emission abatement and renewable energy implementation is concerned. Where as the Abbott Government has a half hearted view on carbon reduction, by ways of its ‘direct action plan’ , territories like the A.C.T. can hold their heads high in my view, in pushing ahead with renewable energy policies that make sense and make a difference.

Phil Paul -16 July 2014