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Dick Warburton – Renewable Energy Target Review – Impartial

This is an interesting read that implies that Dick Warburton, who is currently overseeing the review of the R.E.T. has a bias towards climate change denial. This is clearly concerning, not that i am a conspiracy theorist (!!) but there has been considerable comment in solar and renewable energy forums that the real ‘purpose of the R.E.T. review is simply to scrap it!

There has been a lot of speculation that the coal industry is lobbying hard the Abbott government to put a damper on the renewable energy sector. Coal and natural gas revenues remain strong however the energy sector is going through a change that has been compared to the advent of the internet and revenues from traditional sources of electrical generation in the medium term are expected to be under pressure. We live in interesting times – read the article!


Phil Paul – 1 August 2014