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June 28 2014 – Paradigms For A Sustainable Future

I’m developing some engagement tools for people active in promoting renewable energy, solar power, the environment in environment groups or in non-environment groups (eg. businesses or government bodies).

I’m trying to differentiate these engagement tools so that that one set or other will suit most people.

My experience is that most people come at environmental concerns through preset mindsets (framing or paradigms). I’ve identified 7 paradigms so far. People might find more than one paradigm useful as a frame for approaching environment related issues. But they never seem to find all the paradigms useful for them personally.

Are any distinctive and important action paradigms that you feel I’ve missed? A missing paradigm doesn’t have to be one that you support personally.

Market self-correction will get us there.

Trade-off and balance define the real world that we live in. Environmental outcomes have to emerge from that.

Going in the right direction harnesses the huge (sometimes revolutionary) power of incremental change.

We must push realistically for reforms to drive the achievement of sustainability. It’s a long process
The timely restoration of sustainability requires deliberate, large-scale, fast action.

As the crisis intensifies, revolutionary change to replace the current unsustainable capitalist system becomes possible.

When economic, social or environmental collapse occurs, we can replace capitalism with a sustainable society. In the meantime we should prepare.

I’d really like to know of any distinctive and important action paradigms that you feel I’ve missed.

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Phil Paul