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Solar Tiles as an alternative to Solar Panel

Solar Power Brisbane – Integrated solar Panels – New Generation Integrated Solar Systems for Brisbane.

There is now a new option or alternative to standard solar panels to generate power for your home. Sanyo has an integrated solar system that does away with the need for ‘ugly’ solar panels scattered around Brisbane roof’s and skyline. John has installed solar panels at his Brisbane home however for the new building complex we are looking at at Ipswich, Brisbane we are going o consider the new solar tiles – they look great and integrate into the design of the roof. I contacted John at Sanyo , here is our correspondence – very helpful:

“Thanks for looking into this stuff, it’s a good idea. I think you are right to be concerned about affordability for low cost housing in Queensland but compatibility with the Solar tiles used in Brisbane solar installation
is a cool concept in that it uses integrated building technologies. However, I still think there is a critical issue with this program–compatibility to anything outside itself. I just got a response from my request for the full version and questions on this. ”

The Dow solar tiles are another interesting development – take a look here: